Squiggle version number has 3 parts


Major version changes with a Major release. This happens once in a couple of years. This kind of release usually has new major features like voice chat, bridge, group chat etc.

Minor version changes with a Minor release. This happens a couple of times a year. This usually includes small convenience features and bug fixes from previous minor release.

Revision is usually a hot fix to previous minor release. This usually only contain bug fixes that are urgent and can't wait until next minor release.

Squiggle download page shows Major and Minor version. We create a downloadable release for Major.Minor combination. Revisions are updated in-place on the minor release page. This means you can't download earlier revisions of a minor release. The revision history for any minor release is on the download page. We do not update release date with revisions.

Beta Testing

All major and minor release have 3 stages
  • Development
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Stable

In development stage the release is not in a shape that can be shown to users. Its work in progress. Its in form of commits to master branch. To stay up to date with whats coming you can check the commit history

When one or two major features of the release are in a shape that can be demonstrated to users, we make an alpha release. This is not to be confused with Beta. Alpha is still work in progress and not recommended for use even in test environment. It is only a preview to get feedback on work in progress.

When all the intended features of a mjor/minor release are complete, we make a beta release. This has all the features and possibly some bugs. This is the time when community tests the release in their test environment and report back bugs. Those bugs are addressed in revisions. As the revisions increase, the beta becomes stable.

When there have been no more revisions to a beta release for some time, we declare the release as stable. The transition to stable release state does not come with any more bug fixes. A version freezes after going to stable state. Revision after this point are highly unlikely and all bug fixes are taken to next minor or major release.

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