How to configure Squiggle Multicast?

  • Download latest Squiggle Multicast zip from Download page
  • Extract it on one of the machine in the network
  • In Squiggle.Multicast.exe.config specify the ip and port (of the same machine) on which you want to publish multicast service
  • Install it as a service by running the command “Squiggle.Multicast.exe -i” in command prompt
  • Make sure that the service is running
  • In all of your Squiggle clients in network, go to the settings tab and specify the same IP and Port in presence address and port fields
  • Now sign-in from all the clients

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veracity Feb 5, 2014 at 2:38 PM 
I've had the same problem. I've solved this: In your Squiggle.Multicast.exe.config file, your port number MUST be 5 characters or less (e.g. 54321). If you have 6 characters or more, the service won't start.

luv2hack Jul 12, 2013 at 11:58 AM 
I have successfully did a 4 steps am stuck at 5th "Make sure that the service is running". when start the service am facing the below error message. The Squiggle Multicast on local computer started and the stopped. some service stop automatically if they have no work to do..."
Kindly do help me to resolve this problem....