Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Widows XP or Windows 7 is not supported?
For any platform to be considered supported, there has to be at least a single developer that tests each release on that platform and is committed to fixing bugs if they find any. Currently there is no member of the team available for Windows XP or Windows 7. If you are a developer and willing to test and fix issues in older platforms then please reach out.

Q: How to submit translation file?
Upload the translation somewhere and post a link to it in a new Dicussion thread. Put the complete version number in the title of the discussion thread i.e. Squiggle 3.2.1 Spanish Translation

Q: Where are Squiggle settings stored?
A: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Overroot\Squiggle.exe_Random characters

Q: I can't see other users online.
A: Please check your firewall settings and make sure Squiggle.exe is added as an exception or ports 9998 and 9999 are unblocked  

Q: How to disable automatic update check?
A: Starting from Squiggle 3.2 you can disable the auto update check in Squiggle.exe.config file by setting CheckForUpdates setting to False.

Q: Can I run Squiggle from a network share? 
A: Yes you can run Squiggle from network share to allow multiple users to share same configuration and executable. Make sure to set the ReadOnly setting to True in Squiggle.exe.config to prevent users from updating the shared settings and causing conflict and crashes.

Q: How can I get error logs?
A: Uncomment the trace section in Squiggle.exe.config, restart Squiggle and it will start writing errors to Squiggle.log file.

Q: File transfer and voice chat is disabled.
A: Right click the plugin dlls in plugins folder. Open the properties dialog and unblock the dlls. Then restart Squiggle.

Q: I get an error "Unable to load DLL 'libzmq'"
A: Please make sure you have all the prerequisites installed, specially Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable

Q: I appear twice on contact list of others.
A: On Squiggle, the user identity is unique per installation and not per user name. So if you ever launched Squiggle from two different locations on your machine OR you used two different versions of Squiggle client then your contacts will see the most recent instance as online and others as offline. To get rid of older instance, they have to either signout and signin again or deselect the 'show offline contacts' option.

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