Squiggle 3.2.4: Files / Voice impossible, button gray!

Jan 16, 2014 at 11:41 AM

I 'm new here and was looking for an open source LAN Messenger.
And I came across Squiggle . The great advantages of this messenger :
  • Open Source
  • No server required
  • No installation required
  • Easy to configure
I want to take Squiggle in a business LAN with about 30 employees in operation.
And I have now installed a trial basis for two users, Squiggle in your home Share on a network share in a subfolder .
Then started and configured . Okay.

But sending files and Voice does not work!
This message appears : "You have received invitation for file transfer but your client does not support it . "
The same I get with a voice request!

I then read in the forum that you want the two unblocken dll . :

The files are in the folder "plugins" available, but the option " unblock " I have not found !

Strange thing about it: the sending and receiving of files works fine on my PC (Win 7 Prof , x64 ) is not .
But my colleague has Windows 8 Pro, x64, and he can send me files. Also Voice works!

What can I do ?
I want to use Squiggle necessarily, but the Dateifransfer must work!

Thank you .