Initial settings

Jan 4, 2012 at 4:19 PM
Edited Jan 4, 2012 at 4:20 PM

I saw in another discussion that you mentioned making changes to the squiggle.exe.config file to "preconfigure" some settings. As others have mentioned, in a large network environment, it would be REALLY nice to be able to preconfigure some settings that don't appear to be preconfig-able at this point.

In particular, I'd like to preconfigure GroupName. It would also be nice to preconfigure DisplayName, and possibly the network for BindToIP.

GroupName seems like a top candidate for this, but I set this in the f:\apps\squiggle\squiggle.exe.config file and ran f:\apps\squiggle\squiggle.exe and the setting was not there. I had to type in my group name to use.

DisplayName could be a little harder, but if it could be preconfigured with environment variables, that would be perfect. For instance, if I could set DisplayName to %username%, or some other environment variable, that would solve this issue. Then I could use Kixtart or VB or any other scripting means to set an environment variable to what I want my DisplayName to be and use that.

BindToIP could be a bit harder, but in my case, it always messes me up on a "fresh" install of squiggle. I'm running VMware, and squiggle likes to bind to one of the VM adapters on my computer. I then need to set it properly, quit squiggle and run it again for it to begin working. If we could preconfigure "BindToIP" to the network-- for instance--then squiggle could use that info to find the correct IP to bind to. Or perhaps it could just look for the default gateway first, then bind to the IP on the same subnet (although that might not always be accurate).

Again, my desire would be for these settings to be configurable in the central network location, and provide starting values for each local workstation to create its local config file the first time it runs. This would make configuration and rollout much easier.